Swoopna Suman


Artist Birtday : 02/12/1995 (Age 25)
Born In : Kathmandu, Nepal

Suman Thapa professionally known as “Swoopna Suman” is a famous Nepalese singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist, who have won the hearts of people all over the country with his melodious voice and love songs. He was born on 2 December, 1995 in Kathmandu, Nepal. His blood group is B +ve. His celebrity crush is Katy Perry and his favorite artist and bands are Ed Sheeran and Linkin Park. Swoopna Suman loves to travel, read books and he enjoys cooking as well.

Early Years

Since childhood, music has been Swoopna’s passion. He comes from a middle class family where his mother had to work hard to make a living after his father left. Swoopna himself used to work as a waiter in a local restaurant to support his family. From an early age, Swoopna Suman started playing the guitar as well as singing and later when he was introduced to YouTube he posted cover songs which gained thousands of views and followers in a very short period my time.